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The photo collection of vehicles and airstreams we have renovated

or created and events we attended.

Airstream Excella 500
Airstream Radiožurnál
Airstream Radiožurnál
Airstream Bezpečně na kole
Airstream Dejvice
Airstream Dejvice
Airstream Dejvice
Airstream & Fernet Stock
Airstream Fernet Stock
Airstream & TV Nova
Airstream Óčko
Airstream Tereza Pergnerová TV Nova
Airstream Sailor Jerry
Jack Daniels Van
Jack Daniels Truck Mack
Jack Daniels Truck Mack
Jack Daniels Truck Mack
Jack Daniels Truck Mack
Jack Daniels Truck Mack
Škoda Auto Ponton Showroom
Škoda Auto Ponton Showroom
Tatra Jägermeister
Tatra Jägermeister
Tatra Jägermeister
Jägermeister Podium
Airstream v interiéru Showroom


Wally Byam's dream was to build a perfect caravan, which would be light enough to be driven by a passenger car that would provide first-class comfort anywhere in the world. Eighty years ago, AIRSTREAM offered the Americans a new way of life, which still shares thousands of families.

The philosophy of Airstream caravans is based on the gradual improvement of years of proven concept. Airstream is designed and built so robust that it can become a lifelong investment. Even the model of the 1930s does not belong to the museum. Its magnificent, torpedo-like, aerodynamic shape has become one of the symbols of America.

Airstream was modified to a mobile quarantine unit where the astronauts Neil Armstrong and other members of the Apollo 11 mission were placed in 1969 on their way back to the Moon. For decades, NASA has been using Airstream homes for a 20-minute astronaut journey from base to their space ships. The role of the modified Airstream Excella motorhome from 1983 is still fulfilled. Luxuriously equipped caravans carried by military aircraft are also commonly used by US government officials on foreign trips.

Wally Byam died in 1962, but his dream lives on. Parked in the desert, towed along endless American highways, as well as in a small country in the middle of Europe.




Every project has to make sense to us, to you, to your guests and to your business. We’ll make sure it does. We grew big events from scratch since 1992.



Do you need the caravan to adapt to your company look?

We offer also a wide range of options to tap airstream for your promotions.

Airstream can be tailored to suit your needs. We have experiences with building Airstreamers from scratch.



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